If we turn to foreign languages, the meaning of the word «escorte» in French is interpreted as «to escort» or «to lead». That is, in the literal sense, an escort is an escort. However, in modern society, many people misunderstand the meaning of the service and consider the representatives of the profession as ordinary prostitutes.

What is an escort girl?

So, an escort — what is it?

If we take the modeling business, an escort girl is a photo or catwalk model who accompanies rich, famous and influential men at events. Escort models have a very attractive appearance, most of them meet modern beauty standards. Knowledge of etiquette and the ability to carry on intelligent conversations is a mandatory requirement.

Prostitution has interpreted escorts and women’s business in its own direction. Priestesses of love are called escorts if they belong to the elite class and, in addition to gorgeous, spectacular appearance, have high intelligence and extensive knowledge (speak foreign languages, know classical music and literature).

Who uses the services?

There are events in the society of influential people, where it is customary to attend as a couple. If a man has no family and no escort, then in bohemian society he will feel uncomfortable and cause questions from the environment.

Therefore, rich people turn to the services of beautiful girls. With the help of a pretty lady, men can emphasize their importance and status. The girl must necessarily be spectacular, because at events men at the expense of the companion indirectly compete at the expense of the companion, who is cooler. Mandatory requirements for the accompanying girl are:

  • politeness,
  • intelligence,
  • competent speech.

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